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Double Breasted Suits:

From fashion week to the summer film festivals, there have been plenty of opportunities for men to show their style lately, meaning double-breasted suits have been everywhere. A double-breasted suit is just about the easiest way to show off a bit while still looking classic, masculine, and baller.  Nevertheless, for the man who can wear it, the double-breasted suit provides a rare opportunity to do a more stylish garment without attracting undue attention.

As a rule, the double-breasted suit is appropriate anywhere a single-breasted suit goes. While it is considered more formal than the single, its bold styling in the warmer months, the double-breasted is now the choice with more flair. The office is the perfect place to sport a double-breasted suit, standing out from the corporate crowd.

Maxfit Outfitter’s Double breasted suit makes you feel more confident and bigger when you walk into any room / environment. Our Double breasted suits are created with a keen eye on fashion, always keeping the design fashionable yet pooling into the experience of our rich heritage.