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Today’s life is too busy. We need to run always to meet our commitments. It’s really difficult some time to manage time for your personal necessary things. In this situation we are providing doorstep services. You just need to make a call to nearest Maxfit Outfitters Outlet to make appointment as per your convenience, once you like to enjoy our real bespoke experience. Our measurement specialist can visit you at your Office / Home or on your nearest convenient place. Our representative will come to you with number of Fabric Sample Books so you can select fabric of your choice. Once it’s done we will deliver at your doorstep after process of try at your place.

Note: For full range of Fabric unfortunately we recommend you to visit our outlet.

If you have volume alteration, you have unfit suits lying since long time, Just give us a call our representative will collect it from your place with your alteration requirement and we will deliver it back to you.